Friday, 22 June 2007

Malaguti drakons in england!

Hello everyone!

Its a fact now, as im sure every frustrated malaguti owner knows! is that the drakon in this country is one of the best bikes around! especially for its sexy appeal.
However!! There's a very small majoraty of people 'like myself' who own a malaguti drakon.
And sometimes, i find it very frustrating and anoying that there is a very very very short list of performnace parts for the bike. and to be fair, i think the Leo vince sports performance exhaust and a regular performance filter are the only two performance part available in europe! if not accross the globe (that i have come accross)

So therefore i have opened this 'BLOG' for anyone and everyone to share and discuss any query's, problems, compare drakons and so forth!! regarding malaguti drakons!

If anyone knows or have come across any performance parts of infomation about upgrading and producing top performance for the malaguti drakon. please drop a message bk! and pictures, or links!